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Server Maintenance

Due to the abuse of our API from several large companies and smart phone app creators who have incorrectly implemented our API, we are essentially being DDoSed.

At the moment, we have restricted MAC address lookups to our home page.

Not to worry! We are currently spinning up new servers and will have a temporary fix ASAP along with an updated website containing more features soon. Feel free to contact me via email at with any questions, improvements, requests, ideas, or anything at all you may have.

Thank you!

More Registries!

We have just added additional IEEE registries, including...

  • MA-L: IEEE MAC Address Large (24-bit block size)
  • MA-M: IEEE MAC Address Medium (28-bit block size)
  • MA-S: IEEE MAC Address Small (36-bit block size)
  • OUI24: Organizationally Unique Identifier (24-bit block size)
  • OUI36: Organizationally Unique Identifier (36-bit block size)
  • IAB: Individual Address Blocks (36-bit block size)
  • CID: Company ID Blocks (24-bit block size)
  • EUI48: Extended Unique Identifier (48-bit block size)

If you find any issues, have an idea on what to add or improve on, or just have a question, please let us know by going to our contact page. We would love to hear from you! Any feedback is appreciated!

MAC Address Lookup RESTful API

We have a free, simple to use RESTful API available for you to use in your own applications! Our simple to use RESTful API makes it easy to implement into any application you are building.

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